Surf-Side Sunset

Remembering the attractive surf-side sunsets within Sarasota, Florida. We just go back from a week-long family trip and go back to a rather wet south Texas. Austin got more than 10″ of damp while we were definitely in Florida and the Texas agriculture dept . would like others to leave place more often.

Surf Side Sunset

10 Things They May Not Teach You In A Photography School

1.Your Photography Diploma Will Not Get You A Job.

If you think graduating from Brooks or other big names will help you get the job, it’s not necessarily true. Getting started as a commercial photographer really depends on the quality of images you make. Your ability to strike chords by creating eye-catching images is what helps you in establishing yourself as a photographer. In a nutshell, it’s your work and portfolio that works wonders for setting a firm foothold in the market.

2.Be Open To Opportunities, Don’t Stick To A Specific Type Or Genre Of Photography.

Even though photography schools may suggest you to specialize in a particular genre, to succeed as a photographer you should be open to all sorts of opportunities. Photograph more as a generalist and get a fair idea about various types of photography. Nail it down to the photography basics of exposure, composition and lighting & practice the basic fundamentals with whatever the subject be. This will act as a good warmup for establishing yourself as a specialty shooter and will get you started with making decent money as a starter.

3.Work As Assistant Photographer — Step Into The Real World Scenario.

Internship is the industry standard for all sorts of practical oriented vocational courses. Working as an assistant to the photographer in this matter acts as a giant leap. While working with a professional photographer you gain a valuable insight into their photographic workflow — how they get the clients, what techniques do they use, how do they control light and other variables while shooting and all the practical knowledge which you somehow fail to learn in the photography schools.

4.Learn From Other’s Work — Copying Ideas Is Not As Bad As It Sounds.

Be original and develop your photographic skills is the kind of idea promoted by photography schools. But there is nothing wrong in copying the ideas of famous photographers. It is when you do so that you discover new techniques and styles. The entire procedure of imitating the works of the masters help you a lot in learning the finer nuances of the art; which ultimately help you in becoming a better artist.

5.You Don’t Always Learn By Taking The Pictures; Get Inspired.

Take picture, take a lot of them, take a few more and practice, practice, practice. Is it the only way to excel in your art? No, you don’t always learn by taking the pictures. You can learn helluva by studying the pictures — be it the photos taken by you or others. Closely observe the details that make a particular image attractive. Or just go through your best pics of all times. Spend some time with your artistic creations — it will charge your creative gears. And then will pave way for a new round of learning — this is what the photography school is all about.

6.Photography Is Not Just The Art Or Technique Of Making Good Photos, It’s Also About MarketingFreelancing, editorial photography or commercial photography.

whatever you choose as your profession, one requirement that remains constant is that you need to market yourself. Let your potential clients know about you, your capabilities, your charges, your working style, your photographing style and nonetheless give them a reason to consider you for the kind of services you offer. Marketing plays a crucial role in getting the clients. You really need to be versatile at this one — an active social media profile, networking, local advertisements, the portfolio site and good relations with existing customers all work in getting you business — photography projects & assignments.

7.It’s Not The Camera, It’s The Photographer.

Latest camera reviews and specs deceive us all in thinking that buying a better camera will help in getting the best images ever. Don’t be fooled by the marketing gimmicks of camera manufacturers — after all it is not the camera but your capabilities and skills as a photographer that shows up in the pictures you make. Check out why your camera doesn’t matter here.

8.Expect The Unexpected — Most Of The Good Photographs Happen Accidentally.

Pre-planning is not the sure shot formula of getting the images you want. You can get some great images even when you are out for a casual photo-walk. The key lesson to take is — keep the camera handy and be ready to photograph the unexpected. Here is an interesting column by Harold Davis where he discloses the secret of making compelling imagery.

10 Things They May Not Teach You In A Photography School

9.Photography Is An Ongoing Process.

Photography is an ongoing process — you learn as you do and you do what your learn. Trying hands at a new technique for the first time requires you to be thorough with the research and testing. But once you learn the technique, you can easily apply it under various circumstances. This rule applies not only to the technicalities of photography, it comes into foreplay even when building the clientele. You have to plan well for the session and deliver the quality to the first comers. This helps in building the brand for yourself. And once you do so, delivering quality becomes your second nature and your brand becomes the word of mouth for your customers.

10.You Need To Work Your Shots.

Another valuable tip you will never get to learn in the photography school is to work the shots. Working the shots is the pro technique of refining the image by taking multiple shots of the scene by changing the angle of view or by moving closer (or further away) from the subject. Learn more about working the shot here.

Stunning Surreal Photography Examples That Will Make You Look Twice

In this post a number of us showcased dazzling surreal taking photographs examples that will make you look more than once. The creative technique doesn’t end with only the click within the shutter. For some photography lovers it’s just the beginning together with Peter Cakovsky is one.Surreal images, like unreal painting, shows objects, most people and backyards in a non-rational or simply dream-like way. Surrealism began in Paris still spread throughout European union, the US as well as Japan. Surrealism came to be popular via painting but there were as well many painters who generated surreal pics to express their particular philosophy.

3X Hero

alien fan

Behind the Sun

The Avengers Fan Art

We stumbled on these conquer ass Typically the Avengers pictures yesterday together with wanted to flaunt it here for our readers. Marvel joined all The Avengers letters, like Ebony Widow, Captain The united states, Hawkeye, Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, for the big screen this current year and we needs to say they made an amazing occupation.The Avengers can be a 2012 National superhero dvd movie produced by Sight Studios not to mention distributed by Disney world Pictures. According to studio room estimates, so that it is the biggest dvd movie debut at that time! The official Avengers graphics is remarkable but certainly, there many artisans who decide to put a lot of attempt and like into designing their own designs. Checkout these types of amazing The actual Avengers artworks for fantasy trend, that will unquestionably take ones breath absent. This article is aimed at all aficionados of The Avengers letters reimagined in a middle ages motif by artist ~theDURRRRIAN. Relish!