Beautiful Amangiri Resort and Spa

The Amangiri Resort and then Spa, located on a spectacular 600+ acre site during southern Ut, is a exclusive collaboration concerning three well-established architects: Marwan Al-Sayed, Wendell Burnette and John Joy. These folks brought to the project with Bernt Kuhlmann, one of the existing owners of Amangiri, and therefore the managing husband or wife in the continuing growth of the arrives that currently include Amangiri. Significant architects were being inspired to collaborate on an awe-inspiring web site and for this kind of legendary hotelier, Adrian Zecha, where Aman Resorts includes redefined the thinking behind travel along with luxury throughout remarkable internet pages. Working with Adrian Zecha and the team, the actual architects are inventing a exciting yet sensitive settlement which will both influences and remembers the magic and additionally mystery involving southern Utah’s beautiful cliffs as well as rock structures. Enjoy!

Beautiful Amangiri Resort and Spa01

Beautiful Amangiri Resort and Spa02

Beautiful Amangiri Resort and Spa03

Beautiful Amangiri Resort and Spa04

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