Self Assignment – BMW / Mini Cooper Autocross

Houston Mini Motoring Society

After reading all of Scott Kelby’s recent racing posts, I thought I’d give myself a little self assignment and shoot the BMW / Mini Cooper Autocross event this Sunday morning. My brother-in-law is driving in this event and it will give me a chance to try something new in my photography.

An autocross is not exactly racing. It consist of timed laps around a course laid out using traffic cones. The objective is to drive around the course without hitting any or missing any gates. The main attraction of autocrossing is that it allows drivers to compete in a safe environment. Not only are the speeds low (generally under 60 miles per hour) but the course is also laid out so that the only obstacles are traffic cones.

I’ll try to post a few shots early Monday morning before I leave for the Texas Hill Country for a few days of travel, landscape and nature photography. There might be a wee bit of Guinness involved next week as well!

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