NEW MOVE! 2014 – 2016: The new EIGA Trend Diary has been published

For 8 years the design calendar much sought after by communication de- signers has been detecting visual trends. The 2014 issue is devoted to the theme of motion and velocity.

Everything is in motion! The world is changing before our eyes at an accelerating rate.In regard to both human interaction and economic process, life is gaining complexity and picking up speed, and the velocity of the change surrounding us is becoming a central concept of our time. NEW MOVE! portrays outstanding design solutions dealing with abstract and concrete motion. Design – whether artistic or commercial – that breaks new ground in translating the concepts of mobility, speed and change into a visual language. Design that inspires.

NEW MOVE! Trend Diary 2014 - 2016

NEW MOVE! Trend Diary 2014 - 2016

NEW MOVE! Trend Diary 2014 - 2016

Special workmanship.

The calendar is definitely a design object itself and the issue a special highlight for paper fans. Each individual cover was engraved in a 5-minute production process using laser technology. The cover material consists of 4 layers of paper and a mix of 2 colours. It features a sophisticated bevel cut on 3 edges of the paper. The title was printed with daylight luminous screen-printing colour which makes it shine on the grey paper. All these efforts where taken to capture a dynamic typography taken from a motion sequence on static material.

NEW MOVE! Trend Diary 2014 - 2016

About the EIGA Trend Diary project.

Since 2006 the EIGA Trend Diary has been our tool to examine visual trends and document exceptional design solutions as well as exciting results of creative work. Published so far: DesignerK pfe (2007), DesignerSch tze (2008), DesignerReisen (2009), Think Green! Design To Save The World (2010), Play! Design For Kids (2011), EAT! Design With Food (2012), and Values! On True Values in Design (2013).

“New Move!” was initiated by EIGA, the Hamburg-based design office, and published by NBVD. The production was supported by well-known partners in fine paper, printing and print finishing. The calendar is available at NBVD publishing house, stationers or online booksellers (ISBN: 978-3-939028-39-0):

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