VinaCafe ‘3-in-1 Gold’ brand re-positioning & packaging design

vinacafe original range 650x321 VinaCafe '3 in 1 Gold' brand re positioning & packaging design

In an increasingly competitive coffee market, Masan Consumer recognised an opportunity to draw on the strengths and heritage of their VinaCafe 3in1 Gold brand – one of Vietnams’ favourit instant coffee brands.

The red team were tasked with re-positioning and re-designing the packaging for VinaCafe 3in1 Gold as an authentic, heritage and quality driven coffee brand – levering the brand’s pride and origins dating back to1968.

Chris Elkin, red’s Managing Director commented, “The core brand idea was to leverage the strength of the brands authenticity and turn it into a heritage brand – both connecting to current, more mature Vietnamese coffee lovers but also opening the door to appeal to younger consumers too.”

vinacafe original range evolution 650x683 VinaCafe '3 in 1 Gold' brand re positioning & packaging design

RWS06 0128 650x433 VinaCafe '3 in 1 Gold' brand re positioning & packaging design

Lennart Schaberg, red’s Creative Director commented, “red’s new packaging designs leveraged key brand equities, like the gold frame, consistently across a range of 3 variants, effortlessly blending traditional segment imagery with a mix of youthful colours to appeal to a younger coffee drinker.”

A strong Communication Hierarchy, variant names ‘Original, Strong and Stronger’ and supporting copy includes strong links to the brand’s past to communicate both consumer brand benefits and reasons-to-believe in the authentic, heritage brand positioning.

View the full work:

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