Gear Monday – Canon’s EF-D Focusing Screen

Happy Monday!

I thought I’d start out this week with a little gear tip that I’ve found really useful for landscape and architectural photography. Canon makes these cool little interchangeable focusing screens for many of their higher end cameras like the EOS 40D, 50D and 5D Mark II.

Canon EF-D Focusing Screen

The one that I use is the EF-D focusing screen (click on the image above for a larger version) which includes horizontal and vertical grid lines that are really handy in helping keep your camera level for landscape shots. This is a real shot saver when I forget to pack my hot-shoe bubble level.

This great little device runs about $35 (USD) making it the least expensive accessory I’ve ever bought. Installation is simple and only takes about 30 seconds to complete. If you’re nervous about installing it you can find a video on Canon – Europe’s web site ( So, if you’re into landscape or architectural photography like I am, this is one accessory you should really take a look at!

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