25 Wonderful HD Widescreen Wallpapers for your Desktop

hd widescreen

Are you looking for a fresh and exciting HD widescreen wallpaper that is free? You are at right place. In today’s session, we have put together an amazing collection of visually attractive HD wallpapers for you.

We know you all love desktop wallpapers and in this post we showcased 25 wonderful hd widescreen wallpapers for your desktop. The collection we have compiled for you contains widescreen wallpapers that are related to nature, photography, patterns, illustrations, abstract, HDR and some fantasy related widescreen wallpapers.

Web designers are constantly seeking visual inspiration and wallpapers can turn out to be great companions. Each following wallpaper is linked to the original source. Simply click on a preview image below to view and download free the full-size wallpaper. Feel free to download as many as you like. Choose the one expressing your feeling in the best way and give a new makeover to your desktop. We hope you guys will enjoy this roundup!

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HD Widescreen Wallpapers

Cup of Coffee

Beautiful wallpaper to spice up your desktop with a cup of coffee.

Cup of CoffeeWallpaper Resolution : 1920 1200

Autumn Season

Autumn Season, is an intermediate phase between summer and winter.

Autumn SeasonWallpaper Resolution : 1920 x 1200

Hawaiian Audio

Beautiful wallpaper where a mountain manipulated in a big speaker.

Hawaiian AudioWallpaper Resolution : 1920 x 1200

Colorful Crayons

Which color crayon should you color your desktop with? Find the crayon that matches your style.

Colorful CrayonsWallpaper Resolution : 1920 1200 – 2560 1600

Autumn Sunset

Autumn SunsetWallpaper Resolution : 1920 1200 – 2560 160

Retro Car Wallpapers

Retro is a culturally outdated or aged style, trend, mode, or fashion, that has since that time become functionally or superficially the norm once again.

Retro Car WallpapersWallpaper Resolution : 1920 1200

Colorful Feathers

We live in a world which is painted in so many beautiful colors and some of them are spread on the wings and feathers of the most beautiful birds

Colorful FeathersWallpaper Resolution : 1920 1200 – 2560 1600

Moon Behind Tree

What a beautiful scenery wallpaper where a moon is hiding behind a tree.

Moon Behind TreeWallpaper Resolution : 1920 1200 – 2560 1600


We are a big fan of nature and have set up this hd widescreen wallpaper for our desktop while stumbling through this beautiful collection

NuaHsWallpaper Resolution : 1920 x 1200

Life on the Maldives

The Maldives are known for their huge variety of marine life. Perfect destination for your next holidays.

Life on the MaldivesWallpaper Resolution : 1920 1200 – 2560 1600

Martini Gold Dolce

Amazing black wallpaper to use the least display power possible on an LED display.

Martini Gold DolceWallpaper Resolution : 1920 1200 – 2560 1600

Message Peace

Beautiful typography wallpaper displaying PEACE message. Perfect for minimal lovers.

Message Peace Wallpaper Resolution : 1920 1200 – 2560 1600

Creative CGI Man

Awesome wallpaper displaying creative CGI man with amazing background.

Creative CGI Man Wallpaper Resolution : 1920 1200

Life Wallpaper

Life is so beautiful and so this wallpaper. Texture background in this wallpaper is amazing. Nature lovers will love this wallpaper.

LifeWallpaper Resolution : 1920 1200

Conceptual Photography Wallpapers

Conceptual photography is where artist makes a photograph of a concept or idea and you can see this in this wallpaper very clearly.

Conceptual Photography WallpapersWallpaper Resolution : 1920 1200

Dream by Day WP

Beautiful wallpaper showing an old tree, grass and blue sky.

Dream by Day WPWallpaper Resolution : 1920 120

HDR Seagull Fun

What a beautiful sky colors in this excellent wallpaper. Seagulls are large birds and can range up to 68cm from bill to tail and have a wingspan up to 85cm.

HDR Seagull FunWallpaper Resolution : 1920 1200

Low Tide Morning Wallpaper

Awesome blue wallpaper showing low tide morning. High tides and low tides are formed due to the gravitational pull of the sun and moon.

Low Tide Morning WallpaperWallpaper Resolution : 1920 1200 – 2560 1600

Cloudy Nite Life

We felt like we are walking on the sky when we saw this amazing wallpaper.

Cloudy Nite LifeWallpaper Resolution : 1920 1200

Jupiter Glow

Jupiter is the fifth planet from the Sun and the largest planet within the Solar System.

Jupiter GlowWallpaper Resolution : 1920 1200

Remote Colony SE

Excellent wallpaper with blue sea, sky and clouds.

Remote Colony SEWallpaper Resolution : 1680 1050

Summer Wallpaper

This summer wallpaper is so much somehow similar with other default windows wallpapers.

Summer WallpaperWallpaper Resolution : 2560 1600


Love this dark night life wallpaper.

NovocainWallpaper Resolution : 1920 1200 – 2560 1600

Fresh Orange Wallpaper

Cool fresh orange wallpaper with water splashes.

Fresh Orange WallpaperWallpaper Resolution : 1920 x 1200-2560 x 1600


Amazing purple abstract wallpaper.

MagililacWallpaper Resolution : 1920 x 1200