5 Milestones for dPS This Week!

This week has been an exciting week around dPS headquarters as we’ve celebrated a number of milestones – all of which are thanks to you our amazing community of readers!

Let me share a few of them with you!

1. 750,000 Newsletter Subscribers!


On Monday we noticed that our newsletter passed the magical 750,000 subscriber mark! Back in 2006 when I started the dPS newsletter so that a family member could get our latest tutorials (because he didn’t know how to subscribe to our RSS feed or wasn’t on Twitter) I had no idea how important our newsletter would be to three quarters of a million people!

Our weekly newsletter is the #1 way that people get updated on our latest free tutorials and if I ever happen to be late in sending one – boy do we hear about it from our subscribers – it is much anticipated each week!

If you’re not a subscriber yet – just add your email address below and we’ll send it out to you each Thursday!

We can’t wait to hit the million subscriber mark – we’ll have to think of a way to celebrate that one!

2. 18,000 Pinterest Followers!


On Tuesday we our Pinterest account had it’s 18,000th follower. While there are plenty of bigger accounts around we’re really proud of what we’ve built on Pinterest.

Jade – our Pinterest Guru – has set up 170 different ‘boards’ – each one dedicated to a different category of photography and each day she hunts for and shares some great photographic content from around the web.

So far she’s shared over 7000 great tutorials! Just be warned – if you follow us on Pinterest you may never get any work done again – it’s an amazing resource!

3. 170,000 Facebook Followers


On Wednesday we celebrated our 170,000th Facebook follower!

Our Facebook page is a great place to get the latest updates from our blog as well as connect with other readers.

PS: you can also follow us on Twitter. We’re approaching the 100,000 milestone there!

4. New dPS Redesign Preview

On Thursday we got a preview of the new dPS redesign that our design and development team have been working on. We’re still a few weeks away from launching it fully but we are REALLY excited by how it is shaping up.

The new design will be great for viewing on your mobile phone (a much requested feature, has an improved comments section, some new gallery features and is a lot more colourful to look at. We think you’ll like it.

We can’t show the full thing but here’s just a teasing glimpse of what’s to come! It’s taken from our new front page.


5. More Great Reviews of our Landscapes eBook

Landscapes cover 1

It’s been 9 days since we launched Living Landscapes and we’ve been overwhelmed by the amazing feedback we’ve been getting about it.

Here’s another comment left on the blog yesterday from one of our readers – Robin Grant:

I bought this eBook last week.

It was the first eBook I’ve ever bought and I was pleasantly surprised how much I enjoyed reading it on my iPad. Todds photos are amazing (I am seriously thinking about booking a trip to New Zealand) and he writes really clearly.

I’ve already taken my camera out of town to experiment with some shots and can see my photos are improving already. Thanks for writing this dPS.

Save 33% on Living Landscapes and go into the draw to win a great $1500 photographic prize (lenses and bag) when you pick up a copy of Living Landscapes today.

Thanks to our Readers

None of the above would have been possible without our amazing readership. Thanks so much for being a part of what we do and for sharing us with your friends.


Post originally from: Digital Photography Tips.

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5 Milestones for dPS This Week!

Our iPhone Photography eBook is Now Available for Kindle


A few months back here at dPS we launched our iPhone Photography eBook. It had some great reviews from readers but we had a lot of requests from readers asking if we had a version for Kindle?

At the time we didn’t but due to popular demand we now do! Your wish is our command (at least this time).

Head over to Amazon to get a kindle version of iPhone Photography. How to Shoot, Edit and Share Great Photographs today.

Or if you’d prefer it as a PDF or ePUB version (for iPads or other devices) grab yours here.

Post originally from: Digital Photography Tips.

Check out our more Photography Tips at Photography Tips for Beginners, Portrait Photography Tips and Wedding Photography Tips.

Our iPhone Photography eBook is Now Available for Kindle

10 Amazing Photography Deals [9 Days Only]

Today I’m excited to announce the return of dPS’s famous 12 Days of Christmas sale with the special return of all last years amazing deals for the next 9 days only.

Every year here on dPS we have a huge end of year sale where over the 12 days before Christmas we release a deal for photographers each day that lasts just 24 hours. The deals are on a mix of dPS products and offers from other photography brands that you know and love.

Each year the sale has grown both in terms of readers giving us positive feedback but also in terms of the discounts and deals we’ve had on offer.

Last year was so huge in the lead up to this years 12 Deals (which will kick off on 13th December) we’ve decided to bring 10 of last years deals back for those of you who missed one of them.

These 10 deals are all available for you to snap up now on last years 12 days of Christmas page but here’s a quick summary of what is on offer!

Deal 1 – 48% off the Photo Nuts 3 eBook Bundle

This deal includes 3 of dPS’s most popular eBooks covering everything

  • from understanding and gaining control over your camera
  • to creative photographic technique through
  • to post production
  • It’s the perfect introduction to photography for anyone starting out.

    As a bonus you’ll also get an hour of video tutorials and 2 handy pocket guides.

    Grab the PhotoNuts eBooks here

    Deal 2 – 6 Ed Verosky eBooks (plus bonus mini book) at just $29.95

    Get this amazing library of 6 eBooks for under $30 from photographer Ed Verosky.

    It includes:

  • two eBooks on portraiture
  • one eBook on flash photography
  • one eBook on Boudoir photography
  • an eBook on understanding DSLRs
  • an eBook with 15 Photo Projects

It’s got some great information in it and it was VERY popular last year.

Get this deal here

Deal 3 – 40% Off Photography Concentrate eBooks and tutorials

The team at Photography Concentrate have 4 fantastics resources for you to choose from including:

  • one on wedding photography
  • another on photo editing
  • another on getting control of your camera
  • one on creating beautiful albums

Take advantage of this HOT offer here

Deal 4 – 10% off PhotoJoJo 2 great Products

PhotoJoJo always have some quirky photographic products in their range and in this deal are offering a couple of fun ones at 10% off

  • Chromonaut Camera Bag
  • Universal Flash Filter Kit

You can buy just one or pick them both up.

Check them out here.

Deal 5 – 55% off our Travel and Color Photography eBooks

Written by award winning travel photographer Mitchell Kanashkevich – these two eBooks are not only packed with useful teaching – but they’re also full of inspirational images.

They are yours through this deal at under half the normal price and will help you to drastically improve both your travel photography but also your normal shooting as you understand the importance and how to utilise colour in your work.

Get your eBooks here

Deal 6 – 30% off Trey Radcliff’s HDR Video Tutorial

Trey Radcliff is known as one of the world’s most famous HDR photographers and so we can’t think of anyone better to teach you how to use HDR to take amazing images.

This deal gives you over 11 hours of step by step video instruction on HDR, an eBook, access to a forum area, over 130 RAW working files and a load of actionable information that will help you see a dramatic improvement in your photography.

Save 20% off on these teaching here.

Deal 7 – 20% off Topaz Labs Post Processing Software

The post processing software offered by Topaz has always been hugely popular with our audience and this gives you opportunity to pick up a great toolbox of post production software that will help you achieve a vast array of different types of effects and techniques.

The software is easy to use and comes with some great training.

Grab this hugely popular deal from last year here.

Deal 8 – Save 30% on the 2012 Craft and Vision Collection

David DuChemin’s Craft and Vision eBooks are an absolute steal at the best of times with most of them priced at just $5 each – but in this dPS exclusive you can pick up the 12 eBooks that they’ve released since last year for just $45!

That’s just $3.75 per eBook and a CRAZY deal.

The topics covered in these eBook range from strobe lighting techniques, to macro photography, to long exposure photography, landscape photography, printing images and much more.

Grab it here.

Deal 9 – 55% off our Portraits eBook Pack

This was another very popular deal last year and includes two dPS eBooks:

  • the best selling ‘Essential Guide to Portrait Photography’
  • Anna Gay’s ‘The Art of Self-Portraiture’

Portraiture is something we almost all do so we know these eBooks will be useful to many of you.

Get them bundled together for under half price here.

Deal 10 – 50% off our Going Pro Kit

Ever thought about making money from your photography? Our ‘Going Pro’ Kit is the perfect place to start.

Written as an introduction to the topic of profiting from your passion for photography it includes a great eBook, 2 hours of Audio interviews with Pro Photographers and a bonus guide to getting published in photography magazines.

Best of all in this deal it is 50% off. Grab it here.

10 Deals for 9 Days Only

These 10 deals are available for a limited time only – we’ll be closing them off on December 13th just before we kick off the first of the 2012 12 Deals of Christmas (in which we’ve got some even bigger and better deals lined up for you!

Post originally from: Digital Photography Tips.

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10 Amazing Photography Deals [9 Days Only]