Dragon Zoo episode 2 French Skateboarding video.

-Yann Lopez, bluntsliding one of the park’s flatbars.

Dragon zoo 2 VX.Image fixe0171 650x5201 Dragon Zoo episode 2 French Skateboarding video.

Filmed and edited by R mi Luciani, somewhere in the south of France.

We wanted our video projects to look more like OG skate videos, that’s why I switched to SD with a Sony VX camcorder and a Century MK1 fisheye lens; this is the most powerful filming set up to capture the real action of skateboarding in my opinion.

I chose to add colorful glitching effects and tape art clips to make the video look like old OG vhs skate videos, but in a modern way.

For this video project I just chose to go filmin’ in the city I grew up, where i don’t live anymore, skate, film and spend a good moment with childhood friends I haven’t seen for years! that’s what happened… enjoy!

(Just click on any image to watch the video on youtube).

-Myself, filming in Marseille’s streets (France) for Marseille Zoo video and La nuit Magazine.

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