6 Coolest Inventions you Probably Didn’t Know Exist

Progress Bar on a Traffic Light

A design award has been given for a concept that would allow existing traffic lights to be retrofitted with progress bars that offer a visual representation of when the light will change.
Damjan Stankovi -the designer- promotes this stoplight as an eco solution in the following ways: If you’ve got the amount of time you’ve got to stop in front of you, you can shut your engine off, wait, be calm, and turn it back on again when the time is almost up. This not only lessens the amount of gas you use sitting still, but it lessens the amount of crazy madness you have wondering if the stoplight is stuck, or just really, really long.

Waterproof Gadget Coating

Golden Shellback Coating is here and it is specifically created to protect gizmos against damage and loss of function due to harsh weather conditions and moisture. This protective shield produces a vacuum-deposited film that is non-flammable and insoluble in solvents. It is an ideal protection for plastic, copper, aluminum, metal, ceramic, steel, tin, or glass.
The price of this excellent anti-corrosion coating depends on the equipment you want to use it for. For the BlackBerry Pearl, $120; the iPod Shuffle, $60; the iPod Touch $120.

Airport Sleep Pods

Have you ever slept at the airport? For those of us who want the convenience of sleeping at the airport, without so much of the crazy, there’s these amazing things right here! “Sleep Box” they go by the name of, designed by Arch Group for those who need private time in strange, unfriendly places!
There’s a thousand instances where the ideal personal cubical could come in handy. Here’s one of them: the airport. In between flights, what do you do? Sit in some marginally comfortable seats. Lots of time in between flights, what do you do? Sleep box.
The box itself is 2mx1.4mx2.3m. The main bed is 2 0.6m, equipped with an automatic system which changes the linens (think Fifth Element.) The bed is a soft, flexible strip of polymer and pulp tissue.
Ventilation system, sound alerts, built-in LCD television, wireless internet access, power sockets, extra luggage space under lounges. Payment is made in time, anywhere from 15 minutes to several hours.

Live Checking Card

Do you know who the Green Monster is? It’s that skunk-of-a-bill that you get at the end of the month; it devours all your Dollars because you overspent! Only if you could use something like the Live Checking Card! A Credit Card won’t let you go beyond your limits. It’s a digital thang with an E-ink display that allows you to check your payment history on it. It even tracks your bank account’s transaction through RFID. A cumulative amount shows up on the screen every time you swipe the card; giving you your account balance on your finger tips.
Designers: Jin-young Yoon, Wook-sun Oh, Young-ho Lee & Jun-kyo Lee.

Hydropak – World’s First Portable Fuel Cell

The HydroPak is the world’s first commercially available fuel cell. The system consists of a fuel cell and water-activated power-cartridge. Insert a hydrogen cartridge and add water, and the fuel cell would be sufficient to recharge your laptop computer between 8 and 10 times. In addition, the HydroPak is designed with a common AC outlet as well as x2 USB connectors, allowing you to connect/charge a variety of appliances such as lights, television sets as well as communication systems. The unit will cost $400 dollars when released, and each disposable cartridge would cost about $20

All-In-One Credit Card

Quite a few of us use multiple credit cards and every time one card expires, its plastic adds to the trash. So do the numerous receipts that we accumulate after swiping our CC. The fundamental of the One Card Electronic Card is quite simple; it wants to eliminate the trash (and resolve issues like identity theft via discarded expired CCs) by proposing to be this all-credit-cards-in-one device. On one end of the gadget is a Memory Card Slot that will help the user upload their various CC Details.