Tips How to generate landing page and secrets of landing page success

Landing Page Generation just an application with which the pay-per-click marketers can generate landing pages which are highly relevant with keywords bidding on PPC campaigns. In a single small scale PPC campaign, generating landing pages targeted on specifich keywords is relatively simple as compared to bidding on thousands of keywords which is very overwhelming task. With the help of landing page generator, the landing pages can be generated by the users on the fly from 10 to 10000 keywords anywhere. In particular, there are just 2 most effective secrets for landing page generation:

  1. Keeping the useless flourishes at bay and paying attention on the basics, and
  2. Keeping track on landing page success


Let’s focusing on basic web design fundamentals.

Effective Web design: The web design basics have been upgraded over the past decade. Effective landing page design means having easy navigation with other website parts, uncluttered and clean web page, and the capability to keep all potential clients closer to the business with all links. Though it may sound simple for you but making effective and well-designed website is the task which takes several years of experience. If you are new for web designing, you may go for automatic landing page generators.


Contents should be visible Above the Fold: “Above the Fold” in the sense, easy visibility of the content for the visitors without making any effort of navigating, scrolling or clicking on buttons. In this way, you should make visitors realize they entered at right place and you should have enough contents for them above the fold. And these are the important points to hit their minds – about the company, services provided by you and from where your company belongs.

Strong calls of action: In every frame and on every tab, it is important that calls to action should be strong. Visitors visit pages with an aim to buy something, not to hear pitches. Hence, you should add the buttons of “sign up” “buy now” and “request a quote”.


Before and After Photos: Adding photos and images can make complicated communications interactive and easy to understand. Since we all make imaginary pictures in our brain to make stories and to understand anything easily and immediately, adding pictures on the webpage is not only effective for the websites for skincare specialists, cosmetic surgeons, and dentists, it is also great for real estate and renovation firms. For instance, you can add images of celebration of new homes by couples or increasing sales graph.


If you use landing page generator and have mastery in these basics, then it is sure that your landing page will be effective whatever the industry you belong is. To be genuine, you have to track the success of your landing page to be fine-tuned in it. And this is the second most important secret of successful landing page. Because of various successful landing pages, many experienced web designers are failed to effectively do it. Though visitors can easily navigate in your website, they cannot be impressed too much to call or email you.


Hence, landing page generator is proved as an effective tool which allows you analyze the performance, follow up for opportunities and it stores email and phone call data. Overall, it lets you understand the performance of your landing page.