Travel Photography Inspiration Project: Brazil

Brazil is known for its golden beaches and the Amazon rainforest, but there is more to be had in the largest country in South America. DPS readers like you submitted their photos for a look around the county from the comfort of your computer.

This is the fifteenth country we are covering the DPS reader fueled DPS Travel Photography Inspiration Project.

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The Jump

The Jump by Alexandre Furcolin F.

Kids playing by the sea at Praia de S o Bento, in the state of Alagoas


Barbeiro (Barber), Capim Grosso, Bahia by Julie Orfirer

As always, getting off the beaten path, staying as long as you can in one place – enough to be a familiar face in a small town if possible – will give you the opportunities to catch life as it is. Brazil is a friendly place with people who are willing to help with communicating and show off what is special about their home towns.

soft light dune brazil

soft dune light – Jericoacoara, brazil by Michael Robert Powell

Shooting in the wet season after rainfall saturates colors and often sees moody skies. I softened this image to give it a lightly-painted effect. A scene sparse on detail can enhance the composition.


Church and Tree by Jacson Querubin

An old church in Angra dos Reis. This is an photo taken from a boat tour in Angra. Angra dos Reis is a city near Rio de Janeiro (about 250km). It has more than 200 islands. Angra (nickname that everybody uses) has a lot of hotels and resorts to stay, but it has some hostels too. Great place to rest and se a nature beauty near Rio de Janeiro. Its like a Brazilian Santa Barbara (a city where a lot of rich people and celebrities go rest and take the beach). Prefer between April and November you’ll get of the season and lower prices (exclude July).

Spray artist

Street art, Rua da Carioca, Rio de Janeiro by Angus McIntyre

Tip: Look out for Rio’s brilliant and colorful graffiti.

Wild curves

Wild Curves by Alexandre Furcolin F.

The breath-taking landscape of Len ois Maranhenses national park, in the state of Maranh o. A huge desert of fine sand dunes permeated by lagoons that accumulate turquoise water after the rain season. Definitely a must-go.


Feira Marketplace, Capim Grosso, Bahia by Julie Orfirer

Market days are becoming more rare in Brazil as the supermarkets take over but in the interior of Bahia they are still weekly events. Photographic opportunities are everywhere and can be overwhelming. I processed this in monochrome to focus on the moment rather than the abundance of color at these events.

oasis - ceara state brazil

beach oasis – cear state, brazil by Michael Robert Powell

The northern coast of Brazil has some stunning sand dune scenery, often you feel you’re in the Sahara. I had no choice over the timing of this middle of the day shot. I saturated the image further in this stitched panorama and was happy with the bright day effect.


Bridge to Mothership by Jacson Querubin

The Honestino Guimar es Museum, in Bras lia. This photo was taking on a tour in the Monumental Axis in Brazil’s capital. On Brazil’s capital, Bras lia, we has the Monumental Axis where all the 3 power has offices (and all ministries and others federal agencies). In this Axis, we have the Honestino Guimar es museum, planned by the famous architect Oscar Niemayer. With curves and abstract lines, the museum is great (as well as all Niemayer’s projects). The best time to walk (a long walk, BTW) it is in the morning. Take some water and prefer go by bus or car/taki, to see all the famous places. Bras lia is an expensive city, so plan ahead and try to avoid big conferences that has there (search, ’cause you can pay a lot more, with this events).


Carved birds by Angus McIntyre

Tip: The popular tourist resort of Paraty is almost too picture-postcard pretty; concentrating on details offers the chance for more interesting shots.

Intimate Window

Intimate window by Alexandre Furcolin F.

A nine people family sharing a (barely) 2 room house made of mud and straw in one of the many forgotten poor communities, this one in the state of Alagoas. Numerous family, scarce resources and smiley faces, the typical portrait of Brazilian rural areas families. Looking at those honest happy faces in such a precarious environment always makes me rethink the money-happiness relation. –


Pescando (Fishing), Corumb , Mato Grosso do Sul by Julie Orfirer

This is sunset at the Rio Paraguai on the Brazil/Bolivia border in the Pantanal. It’s an example of waiting in the right setting for the right moment. Of the hundreds of birds flocking and fishing, just this one skimmed the water for his meal.

street people sleeping – rio by Michael Robert Powell

The streets can be mean in Rio – not just for the homeless but also for tourists: take precautions with cameras. This image I converted to B&W for greater impact and added a soft vignette to focus more on the guy closest. A day earlier he had no mattress, someone had bought him this as he suffered in the street with an infected leg.


Igua u Falls by Jacson Querubin

Igua u falls is one of the new 7 wonders of nature. This is a long exposure taken in Igua u Falls. This photo was taken with a tripod with a ND400 filter. When traveling to Foz do Igua u, Paran State, Brazil, you have a lot of places to visit. One of the beautiful places in the world, the Igua u Falls are breathtaking with its nature and beauty. There are about 100 falls counted. When visiting the falls, prefer going in the morning (the park opens at 9 am), be on the first bus going direct on the last stop (so you can have photos with few people on frame). The only access is with the oficial bus tour (you pay at entrance).

Santa Teresa

Tram tracks, Santa Teresa, Rio de Janeiro by Angus McIntyre

Tip: The ‘bonde’ (tram) from Lapa to Santa Teresa offers lots of opportunities, both as a subject and as a platform for taking pictures.

Asceptic City

Aseptic city by Alexandre Furcolin F.

The minimalistic geometry of the monumental federal capital Brasilia, entirely planned and buid in 1956 by Lucio Costa and Oscar Niemeyer, inevitably produces the sense of emptiness that I attempted to reproduce in this picture.

TIP: If you like architecture and modernism, do not miss Brasilia. If you are short in time, i would agree that you may have more interesting options to visit than Brasilia. But if you are interested in constructivism and in the aesthetic of volumes, shadows, lines and curves, i strongly recommend one day composing pictures with Niemeyer’ reinforced concrete.

vultures amazon brazil

vultures on village church – amazon by Michael Robert Powell

This was simply a lucky shot as I passed thru a village. Have your camera ready for such images that flash by fast and don’t offer a second chance. I was drawn to the juxtaposition of crosses and vultures, converting it to B&W with a bit more central light for punch.


4 Lines by Jacson Querubin

Transmission powerlines from Itaipu Dam. This is a long exposure taken in Itaipu Tour. This photo was taken with a tripod with a ND8 + ND400 filter. Another place to visit in Foz do Igua u, Paran State, Brazil. Here
you get the triple border (Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina), for example. Besides the vast nature surrounding the city, you have the largest hydroelectric powerplant generator in the world (annual generation, not the installed power): Itaipu Binacional. You can have an all day long tour within Itaipu sites: Biological Refuge Bela Vista, Ecomuseum and the Dam. If you don’t have a full day, I recommend go in the afternoon tour (take about 2 hours before sunset).

You will have to pay a fee to make the visit. You also have a technical visit that you can see inside the DAM – but this visit you will need proper clothes – closed shoes and pants, no shorts allowed.


View along Ipanema Beach by Angus McIntyre

Tip: even though the beaches of Rio have been photographed to death, they’re still beautiful; take your camera (but don’t leave it unattended).

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Travel Photography Inspiration Project: Brazil

Travel Photography Inspiration Project: New Zealand

New Zealand. It’s more than the land of hobbits and Lord Of The Rings. It’s been a place on my “Go to:” list for over 10 years now and a glance from the airplane while transiting to Australia was tantalizingly delicious.

Green fields. Stone fences. A lack of crowding. Emerald waters. Snow capped peaks. It seems too good to be true. Let’s take a look through the lens of fellow DPS readers .

This is the fourteenth country we are covering the DPS reader fueled DPS Travel Photography Inspiration Project.

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Southern Alp Splendor

Southern Alp Splendor by Josh Cripps

Mt. Cook and Mt. Sefton at sunset in Mt. Cook / Aoraki National Park.

Travel Tip: Mt. Cook / Aoraki National Park houses some of the most spectacular and accessible scenery in the Southern Alps. By far the most popular hike in the park is the 6-mile return Hooker Valley Walk which deposits you on the shore of the Hooker Lake at the base of Mt. Cook, the tallest mountain in New Zealand. But some of the lesser used trails, such as that to the Sealy Tarns, provide spectacular views with a fraction of the people.

I was in awe of the hundreds of little shells stuck to the rockface

Shells by Jennifer Holmes

We arrived at a gorgeous isolated beach, pausing to admire the tiny shell formations before beginning the Abel Tasman Coast Trek.

Christchurch Botanical Garden

Christchurch Botanical garden by Rinda Koban

One year after the earthquake at Christchurch, although we can still see the damage around the city, some places offer you must-visited spots, such as the Botanical Garden.

Tip: Before traveling to New Zealand, make sure to study the weather of the cities that you’re going to visit, since it varies from one city to another.


Tirau by Reena Mahtani

A small town we found on the road where we stopped for breakfast. It’s famous because of the features that decorate the town, made with cardboard. I found this mailbox and shot the picture thinking whether you could consider “expired” newspapers junk mail too!

Tip: Wake up early, as there is a lot of driving involved and you don’t want to spend the days in the road. Don’t be discouraged by how tiny towns are, that’s where the beauty of the country lies, and don’t bother using a SatNav. You won’t get lost!


Untitled by Russell Chilton

This statue of John Plimmer stands at the base of the steps that also bear his name in Wellington. He was an entrepreneur and built one of the first piers in the harbour.

Looking over Milford Sound

Looking over Fiordland by Alexis Meyer

After hiking for a number of hours through Gertrude’s Saddle in Fiordland National Park, we were greeted by this gorgeous vista overlooking the park. When hiking with photo gear, it’s important to have a good bag that fits well and can protect your gear from all weather conditions. And make sure not to over pack – after 8 hours, all that equipment really becomes a burden

Ice Cave Franz Josef Glacier

Ice Cave Franz Josef Glacier by Al Marcella

Deep within the belly of the glacier, sounds of dripping, melting water, the glacier virtually changing beneath your feet. Melting water carves immense caves of shimmering translucent blue, silky smooth, extremely cold…ICE

Wanaka Dreaming

Wanaka Dreaming by Josh Cripps

The dreamlike mood of this shot of a willow’s golden fall foliage at Lake Wanaka is caused by a 62-second exposure which added motion blur to the clouds and turned the lake’s surface into smooth mist.

Photo tip: Long exposures can be effective in the middle of the day when the light is normally too harsh for photography. The long exposure will help smooth distracting detail in choppy water and soften harsh highlights in moving clouds.

Fields of lamb

Lamb by Jennifer Holmes

Fields of lamb dotting the countryside in the Coromandel Peninsula

Tip: This photo was taken from the car window when travelling through an un-signposted region…Don’t be afraid to take your time when travelling, pausing to appreciate the views that you wouldn’t find otherwise (as long as it is safe!) and capturing that unique image.


Thank you by Rinda Koban

I found this double-meaning cigarette bin at a resort in Mount Cook.


Christchurch by Reena Mahtani

Our last stop. It had been hit by the earthquakes a few months before we visited NZ and a friend of mine who’s about to marry a Kiwi (person, not the bird!) showed us the reconstruction works.


Untitled by Russell Chilton

A novel way to use the footwear left behind on a beach.

Tidal Flats

Tidal Flats by Alexis Meyer

An octopus hides in the tidal flats around Hawkes Bay. This photo was taken with a point and shoot inside an Aquapac bag – great for getting underwater shots without the breaking the bank.

Greymouth NZ coastline

South Island, New Zealand coastline by Al Marcella

The Tasman Sea, wild, wonderful, changing New Zealand’s landscape, sometimes sublimely, sometimes dramatically. The coast road near Greymouth offers fantastic views of nature at work and nothing between you, the sea and Tasmania!

A Godley View

A Godley View by Josh Cripps

The braided Godley River dumps glacial silt in Lake Tekapo, turning it a vivid aquamarine.

Photo tip: Don’t be afraid to shoot from new and unusual perspectives. To give your photos a unique look get down low or get up high. Or this case, very high. This photo was taken from a plane at an altitude of about 8,000 feet and provides a rare view of this often-photographed lake.

360-degree views across the Mackenzie Basin

Mackenzie Basin by Jennifer Holmes

Description: We drove the windy road to the summit of Mount John which is the location for astrophotography and is said to have the cleanest/clearest air in New Zealand.

Te Puia

Te Puia by Reena Mahtani

This is where our trip started, to see the geisers and get an inside of the maori culture. They still live in the area and the combination of traditional and new architecture amazed me.


Untitled by Russell Chilton

Traditional Maori greeting at a ‘marai’ or village meeting house.

Wellington Harbour

Wellington Harbour by Alexis Meyer

Along the harbour of NZ’s capital, Wellington, are these great boat houses, painted in vibrant colours. Wellington is a wonderful city for sightseeing, and being entirely walkable from the harbour to Mount Victoria, there are tons of photographic opportunities. As the locals say, “You can’t beat Wellington on a good day!”

Blue Line Franz Josef Glacier

Blue Line Franz Josef Glacier by Al Marcella

Hiking Franz Josef Glacier, west coast, Southern Island of New Zealand, is a thrill a minute. Looking up, looking down, feeling silky smooth walls of ice, crevasses, ice pools, cracking, booming, exploding ice deep within the glacier. Walking atop a living, moving, breathing, gurgling behemoth.

Wharariki Lightstorm

Wharariki Lightstorm by Josh Cripps

The Archway Islands and an intense sunset are reflected in the shimmering, glassy sand of Wharariki Beach.

Travel tip: this remote beach is one of the prettiest in New Zealand. In addition to the elegant curves of the Archway Islands, the beach sports sand dunes, caves, and even a few bathing pools where you can get an up-close and personal visit from a baby New Zealand fur seal (don’t approach the seals, but if you stand still they will often come to you). This beach can be reached by driving to the very Northern tip of the South Island.


Cow by Jennifer Holmes

Description: The Coromandel Hikers group have special access to local farms where we are often hiking with the cows!

Tip: Sometimes you have to hang back from the group to wait for the perfect shot.


Untitled by Russell Chilton

A typical lunch at the coast – green lipped mussels and crayfish, just a shame they did not sell a beer!

Motukiekie Galaxies

Motukiekie Galaxies by Josh Cripps

Dense clusters of 12-legged sea stars cling to rocks at breathtaking Motukiekie Beach. Travel tip: This fascinating beach is on the West Coast of the South Island, about 20 km north of Greymouth. Make sure to visit at low tide as high tide renders the beach virtually inaccessible.

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Travel Photography Inspiration Project: New Zealand