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The Red Siren Art Collective’s “Broken Beauty” plus “Horrorwood”


In its debut exhibition, the Red Siren Art Collective unites the distinct variety of its members and peers for their inaugural exhibition “Broken Beauty” which opens November 16th at WWA Gallery. Simultaneously, WWA gallery presents the chilling return of “Horrorwood,” a group exhibit inspired by classic horror films.

With the mission to bring together figurative artists from around the world and in different stages in their careers, the Red Siren Art Collective seeks to encourage members through collaboration, shared knowledge and creativity. “Broken Beauty” will be a diverse showcase of original paintings, drawings, and sculpture by the collective’s talented members. Exhibiting in the front gallery alongside the collective are respected guest artists.




BROKEN BEAUTY features: Alice Savage, Archer Dougherty, Christopher Umana, Christos Tsintaris, Erica Calardo, Fang Ling Lee, Jessica Ward, JoKa, Laurie McClave, Nita Collins, Ryan Myers, Scott Holloway, Tammy Mae Moon, Terra Biddlespacher

With Guest Artists: Ania Tomicka, Inge Vandormael, Italia Ruotolo, Jackie Gallagher, Julie Zarate, Kim Gordon, Lori Field, Mimi Yoon

In the back gallery, WWA Galley resurrects Horrorwood to showcase the spine-tingling work of 29 artists asked to pay homage to the Horror Film genre. From Psycho to Scream, from Frankenstein to Friday the 13th, this wicked group show will highlight references to the macabre, supernatural, and the obscure.


HORRORWOOD features the talents of; Aaron Jasinski, Allison Sommers, Apricot Mantle, Bennett Slater, Casey Weldon, Chase Tafoya, Chris B. Murray, Dan Goodsell, Dan Harding, Danielle Buerli, Dee Chavez, Desiree Fessler, Dylan Sisson, Isaac Bidwell, JC Riviera, Jeremy Cross, Jessica LL Dalva, JoKa, Jon Bergeron, Jon MacNair, Justin Bloomer, Kelly Hutchison, Ken Garduno, Krista Turner, Larkin, Macsorro, Peter Adamyan, Teod Tomlinson, Zachary Schoenbaum

Designer hanger by MDD

Design details are of the crucial importance for any interior space with elements and modern furniture adding a subtle distinction.
Our newest proposal from MDD is a simple white hanger in both standing and hanging options. Esthetically and practicality combined, designers delicately incorporated our most important rule of minimum ornaments and maximum style.
The hanger, in combination with these items, creates the perfect finishing touches to any modern interior.

Furniture from MDD is characterized not only by the high-class technology, superb quality and contemporary design. It is also a large diversity of products with ergonomic qualities, which create perfect working conditions for the direct users. Becoming a leader and sustaining a leadership position in the office furniture sector has always been the mission of the company. We are the biggest Polish manufacturer in terms of workplaces being produced and one of the Europe’s leading producers in the reception furniture branch. Our effective operation cycle and complex customer service are appreciated in Europe, USA and GCC-countries. Our projects reach such exotic places as Mauritius and Seychelles.

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Millionaire Beach Houses in the Hamptons

Looking for the millionaire houses in the Hamptons, New York? Whether you are looking for it just for curiosity and to see their great beauty or if you are interested in buying or renting one for your summer vacations, we present to you some examples as an overview. This way you can be inspired by it and if it is the case gather some information if you are really interested in it.

Also, these beach houses will undoubtedly overcome your expectations if you like to see celebrities’s houses because the ones we are going to present could belong to one of them. Celebrities like Mariah Carey, Madonna, Lady Gaga, Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein have a millionaire house in the Hamptons.

Here are our suggestions:

East Hampton, NY

beach house 1 650x487 Millionaire Beach Houses in the Hamptons

Sagaponack, NY

beach house 21 650x433 Millionaire Beach Houses in the Hamptons

Bridgehampton, NY

beach house 32 650x337 Millionaire Beach Houses in the Hamptons

Water Mill, NY

beach house 42 650x460 Millionaire Beach Houses in the Hamptons

Bridgehampton, NY

beach house 52 650x382 Millionaire Beach Houses in the Hamptons

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