The Golden Hours: A Guide to Photographing the Light of Sunrises and Sunsets

Landscape photographer Christopher O’Donnell recently released another fantastic eBook, this time discussing the beautiful – and sometimes complicated – process of photographing sunrises and sunsets. The Golden Hours: A Guide to Photographing the Light of Sunrises and Sunsets is a comprehensive eBook written to help guide photographers through the unique challenges that this light presents.

Many photographers will often note that their sunrise and sunset images rarely represent the scene they observed. By detailing the steps he goes through to create his images – both in the field and in the digital darkroom – he explains why this is so, and more importantly, how to transcend the disparity between your view and your results, allowing you to create realistic images of this beautiful light.

What’s Inside

In this eBook, you will find detailed solutions to the challenges this light presents – from compositions to exposure difficulties – so you can begin to photograph the golden hours with confidence and accuracy. With this new knowledge, you can focus on enjoying your photography while expanding your creative horizons.

Specific topics Christopher covers include:

Choosing a Location: How to find prime locations for the golden hours, what tools he uses to help him scout, and special considerations he takes to help him select the best vantage points.

Finding Interest: How to compose your image, find balance, and unlock your creative potential when framing your scene.

Judging Your Light: This section explains the unique exposure challenges that the golden hours present, and multiple ways to overcome them – allowing you to choose one that compliments your workflow.

Tripods and Focusing: Special considerations to take when focusing your image, and the importance of image stabilization for the golden hours.

Creativity with Aperture: The golden hour light has a unique ability to transform the landscape, and your depth of field can greatly affect how this light appears. This section shows the creative power your aperture can have during the golden hours.

Alternative Compositions: To conclude, this section discusses how to take full advantage of the golden hours and explore different compositions that one would not normally consider, inspiring you to think beyond the mainstream confines and tap into your creativity.

The Golden Hours is more than a guide for sunrises and sunsets; he also discusses other subjects and how to use the golden hour light to illuminate them under a different view – from grand vistas to small focal points.

Exposure Blending:The Complete Guide from Camera to Post Process

Also included with this eBook is an additional guide on exposure blending – the post processing technique Christopher uses to create his golden hour images in the digital darkroom. In this step-by-step guide, he discusses the entire process of exposure blending – from auto-bracketing in the field, to combining different exposures in post process.

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The Art of Bokeh: A Guide to Using Shallow Depths in Landscape Photography

I’m always on the lookout for new and original photography eBooks to share on The Photo Argus, and a recent favorite of mine is The Art of Bokeh: A Guide to Using Shallow Depths in Landscape Photography.

The Art of Bokeh: A Guide to Using Shallow Depths in Landscape Photography

Have you ever wondered how photographers capture that painterly environment in their landscapes? Or would you like to learn more about bokeh – where it comes from, and how it’s created? Look no further than The Art of Bokeh. Not only is Chris’ book thoughtfully written and beautifully designed, but it explains all you need to know about bokeh in an easy-to-follow manner. I know many wonder how he creates his stunning (and award-winning) landscapes, and it’s fantastic to see him share his camera workflow and explain exactly how he captures those incredible scenes of his.

What’s inside The Art of Bokeh:

Defining bokeh – the basics.

Distances and bokeh – how the space in between the elements of your photo affects your depth of field.

Light – How direct and overcast light can change the effect of bokeh.

Focal lengths – both long and short, and how to use them to manipulate bokeh.

My workflow – How I approach a landscape in the field, with tips on how I compose and shoot.

Case studies – examples of my photos and how I created them.

Proper focus for bokeh – advice on how to use your tripod, and a step-by-step guide to getting the perfect focus for bokeh.

The Art of Bokeh: A Guide to Using Shallow Depths in Landscape Photography

The Art of Bokeh: A Guide to Using Shallow Depths in Landscape Photography

What I like about Chris’ ebook the most is that he shows by example. I love seeing visuals of techniques explained, and his photos are a result of the steps he details in The Art of Bokeh. And at this incredibly reasonable price, it’s a solid tool for any photographer looking to add some bokeh to their images – not just landscape photographers.

If you’re looking for that one eBook that not only explains bokeh, but shows you exactly what you need to do to capture it, The Art of Bokeh is your top choice.