Get Kids to Focus on Your Camera with this Innovative Kickstarter Project

Professional portrait photography is a unique trade. It provides its own set of challenges for photographers. Those challenges become even more difficult when children are involved. They squirm, fuss and are easily distracted.

Allison Carenza, a baby portrait photographer from Kansas City aims to relieve the stress of shooting small children with her new invention, The Looky Loo Light. Currently running a KickStarter project, Carenza hopes to share the best tool in her arsenal for capturing that perfect shot.

“The Looky Loo Light started as just a way to make my job easier. But once I started using it more and more, I realized that there are a lot of other parents and photographers that could benefit from it as well. It truly helps me get shots I never could have gotten otherwise.”


The Looky Loo Light is a four-panel multi-colored LED light with sound that attaches to your SLR camera hood or lens to provide a hands-free “attention grabber”. By using diffused light, it won’t harm your final images and is guaranteed to captivate even the most stubborn of subjects.

Carenza uses the Looky Loo Light in her own portrait sessions with great success. “You really only have 20 good minutes with the little ones, if you are lucky. The Looky Loo Light helps me maximize that time and leaves my hands free to literally focus on my subject. In just a few sessions it essentially paid for itself.”

The Looky Loo Light was featured on the syndicated radio broadcast, Dream Big America, winning its first major start-up award last summer. This allowed Allison and her team to enhance the Looky Loo Light by adding sound capabilities and further refining the general look and feel of the product. In addition it was chosen by the Kansas City Business Journal as one of the top innovations for 2013.

Allison hopes to raise $50,000 by March 6th to the manufacturer. If you are interested in contributing, check out the KickStarter page at: