Funniest ways of begging in America!

How to make money and nothing to do? Eternal question for all people who fantasize about the easy life and easy earn .. But these unhappy people have neither money nor life, but eternal and endless wandering and struggle for bare life and survival in the ruthless conditions of modern life .. But the man would not be a man that has no feelings and sense of humor in the most difficult moments. They don ‘t use their sense of humor to be a fun and laughed, but to survive, bought a basic life for some food and drinks.. These are pictures of some of the most original way of begging and earning a dollar for food and drink ..








Funny Images Manipulation

You can see many time images manipulation like art manipulation designs manipulate etc but you never see funny images manipulation. Its really so funny and its amazing concept and creativity. Only a funniest mind can make it this funny images manipulation. In 1st image a mother pick a baby and a cigarette in her hand and cigarette smoke create a circle on baby head and baby looks an angle Lolllllzzzzz, and 2nd image manipulation is outstanding because in 2nd image matrix heroin in hand a banana insisted of gun…..Its really amazing and funny collection, all images collected from the internet. Lets take a look our 51 funniest images manipulation.