30 Creative Photography Pinterest Boards You Should Follow

If you have not heard of Pinterest by now, it seems like you live in a world without internet or on another planet. Pinterest is the most rapidly growing social media network these days. It beats Instagram and Facebook with ease. Since 2010 Pinterest has grown to approximately 70 million users and it continues to grow by leaps and bounds.

If you are a photographer, you might think why should I care about Pinterest? The answer is simple: you own the most powerful Pinterest tool – photographs! In the photography world the truth is, it’s not 100% about how good your photos are, but also who knows you. Pinterest provides the best way to get your photos seen and shared by millions of users in no time. You can pin the images from the web and re-pin other users’ photos. Just one small re-pin could become a huge growing snowball which would spread your photo all over the web. Thus, Pinterest is a great tool to give your photography brand a big boost. Today I put together 30 wonderful Pinterest boards for photographers to follow.

1. Minimalist Photography / Cormac Scanlan / 295 pins

Less is more! This well-known expression describes the best this Pinterest board by photographer Cormac Scanlan. Minimalistic colors and compositions create a round-up of amazing photos.

2. camera love / Theresa L / 619 pins

Theresa L is a photographer and a powerful pinner who collects portraits, black and white shots, and still life photos here on Pinterest. This board is dedicated to camera love and contains an array of images with precious photographer’s instrument – a camera.

3. Cici / Wedding photography / 1,496 pins

Wedding photography is one of the most popular themes on Pinterest. It helps both brides and wedding photographers to get inspired and find some fresh ideas. This board by Cici is a great example of inspiring wedding photography board.

4. Art and Photography / Ben Stovold / 524 pins

Ben Stovold put together amazing portraits, breathtaking landscape photography, and many many other photography ideas to get inspiration from.

5. Photodoto / Nancy Young / 167 pins

Photography tips and tricks on various topics are collected in this board which updates almost daily. Thus, you’ll never get bored.

6. un amour pour le noir / Theresa L / 717 pins

This awesome Pinterest board by photographer Theresa L is called “un amour pour le noir” which means “love to the black color” in translation from French. Here you’ll find the best black and white photography examples from all over Pinterest.

7. Art and photography / Rowena Murillo / 731 pins

Rowena Murillo is a Saint Petersburg’s based blogger. The pins she collected here are not for everyone taste, but they’re fresh, modern, and minimalistic. This board is all about journalistic shots each of which tells its unique story.

8. PHOTOGRAPHY / TOM SKY / 121,188 pins (group board)

This is a group board where you can find anything you want ranging from portraits ending landscapes and historical photographs. Adding a pin to the group board is a great way to share something with a huge number of users at ones, for instance, this board counts more than 19 thousands followers.

9. World Traveller / Yoshihiro Ogawa / 1,212 pins

If you’re planning a trip this board could give you some ideas where to go. The most beautiful and breathtaking photography from all around the Earth are put together here to inspire you!

10. paranoid polaroids / Reiner Gogolin / 514 pins

The title of this Pinterest board says about itself: Paranoid polaroids. Here you’ll see great examples of photography taken with Polaroid camera. It’s a complication of faded old pictures which are the fragments of other people’s stories sinked into oblivion.

11. art and portraits / Rowena Murillo / 1,626 pins

The board by Rowena Murillo consists fantastic female portraits which are “too beautiful for beauty”. The style of these images is quite extraordinary, but who knows maybe you finally found your soulmate here.

12. Lomography Magazine / Lomography / 400 pins

Lomography is a kind of photography which breaks all the rules you’ve ever learned. And this makes lomography so special.

13. Photography News / Exposure Guide Photography Tips / 590 pins

The most sensational popular pictures from the web are collected here by Exposure Guide. Stay tuned and aware about the photography news with this Pinterest board.

14. Fashion Photography / Elizabeth Marie / 440 pins

Are you into fashion photography? Then this board are created for you! Elizabeth Marie handpicked all the photos with care and love. The latest fashion trends and beautiful ladies can be found here.

15. life / Yvette Fevurly / 181 pins

Are you part of the crowd that loves to share advices on posters? Photographers are always looking for inspiration to spark their creative minds, and nothing gives more strength, wisdom and guidance than advice from the greats. Here you’ll find a collection of inspiring pictures and quotes about life.

16. Photography / Lori Wells / 2,453 pins

Lori Wells is an on location natural light photographer and a prolific pinner. In her boad Photography you’ll find useful photo tips and landscape shots for inspiration.

17. Photo Gear: Cameras & Equipment / Photodoto / 261 pins

On this board different photography equipment pieces are put together. Here you’ll find some fresh gift ideas, reviews on various photo stuff, and interesting ebooks for photographers.

18. Portrait / Yoshihiro Ogawa / 23,324 pins

Photography is one more group board which could help you to give your photography a boost. It has over 27 thousand followers and this number grows day by day.

19. Photography / Chad Syme / 596 pins

Journalist photography, portraits, black and white, travelling, and many other types of photography can be found in this board by Chad Syme.

20. Travel Photos and Favorite Things / Trey Ratcliff / 208 pins

Trey is the man behind the popular travel photography blog, Stuck In Customs. He curates some of the best travel photography on the web, with boards dedicated to a diverse host of locations.

21. photography / vanessa | v.k.rees photography / 328 pins

Vanessa is a freelance commercial photographer. She collects here different inspiring pictures ranging from dreamy bokeh shots to double exposure psychedelic pictures to fit any taste.

22. Kankana | Playful Cooking / Food Photography / 923 pins

Feeling hungry? Then don’t open this board! It’s full of delicious food photography. The board is created by Kankana from Playful Cooking – a blog about photography, cooking, and travelling.

23. Escapes / Maia McDonald / 988 pins

Sometimes you may feel like you’re tired of everyday things and need to escape. This Pinterest board is the best place to get lost for hours.

24. Quotes & pictures / Miche Strykowsky / 1,484 pins

This is one more board with quotes and pictures that counts over 1,500 pins. Here you’ll find great expressions for any occasion framed into beautiful images.

25. Photography-Photoshop tutorials / zoi m. / 140 pins

In this board the best Photoshop and Lightroom tutorials from all over the internet are shared.

26. momentary pause / Gabriel / 118 pins

Gabriel is a portrait and lifestyle photographer from Canada, Toronto. This board is dedicated to the frozen in time moments like a “momentary pause” or stop video playback.

27. Photography . iPhone Snapshots / Jennifer Chong / 178 pins

On this board by Jennifer Chong Instagram and Pinterest meet each other. Jennifer is a great photographer, traveller, and food lover, so her iPhone photography is pretty exciting.

28. Landscape Photography / Photodoto / 162 pins

This board is full of inspiring ideas on landscape photography. Different locations, weather and lighting conditions, and breathtaking views from all over the globe creates a great array of pictures worth to pin.

29. PHOTO FABULOUS / Jackie / 85,115 pins (Group Board)

Photo Fabulous is a group board by Jackie, a powerful pinner from Connecticut. The number of pins and followers is growing day in and day out.

30. Photographer / Klaus Heinemann / 299 pins

Klaus Heinemann is a Germany-based photographer. In this board you’ll find awesome photographs of people (and even dogs) with cameras.

Nancy Young

Nancy Young is a passionate writer and blogger. She writes tons of inspirational articles on photography and web design, despite the fact that she is an economist by education. She is a part of the PhotoDoto Team. You can follow Nancy on Twitter.

20 Twitter Accounts of Amazing Photographers to Follow

A photographer as a creator can find inspiration everywhere – in nature, everyday routine work, conversation to the friends, or browsing the web. Twitter is a great source of inspiration when it comes to sharing information of any kind and connecting to the people from all over the world.

Twitter allows you to send a short 140-character message to anyone you want ranging from a girl living next door to a rock star whose poster you keep on the wall. The limitation in number of characters makes you keep your messages simple. Simple is good sometimes.

Today I’d like to share with you 20 Twitter accounts of professional photographers worthy to follow. If you would like to suggest other photographers worthy to follow, please leave them in the comments below.

1. Chase Jarvis – @chasejarvis


Chase Jarvis is a Seattle-based professional photographer, director, and artists. He is the youngest person to be named Hasselblad Master, Nikon Master, and ASMP Master. On Twitter he shares first-hand photography tips and tricks. (243,535 followers)

2. Ken Kaminesky – @KenKaminesky


Ken Kaminesky is a traveller photographer and adventurer. Over the last ten years he has been shooting commercial lifestyle photos for stock photography agencies such as Alamy, Jupiterimages, Corbis and Getty Images. (101,614 followers)

3. Nancy Young – @photodoto


Nancy Young is a beginner photographer, blogger, and CEO. She is a curator of photography blog Photodoto.com which is tagged “Photography is for everyone”. (2,000 followers)

4. Lara Jade – @LaraJade_


Lara Jade is a fashion, advertising, and portrait photographer from London, currently living in New York. She worked for a lot of stand-up clients such as Goldsmiths, Sony Music, P&G, Harper Collins, Panache Lingerie and others. Follow her Twitter feed to take a glance at the life of professional photographer. (51,471 followers)

5. Richard Bernabe – @bernabephoto


Richard Bernabe is a landscape, wildlife, and travel photographer and author from the United States. Among his clients are some giant brands like Canon, Apple, Microsoft, American Express, and others. (100,579 followers)

6. TamaraLackey – @TamaraLackey


Tamara Lackey is a Nikon-sponsored photographer, speaker, and author. Her photography ranges from children portraits to celebrity pictures. She posts inspiring quotes, photography, and helpful tutorials on Twitter. (30,558 followers)

7. Thomas Hawk – @thomashawk


Thomas Hawk is a San Francisco-based photographer who see himself as a “photography factory”. He adds his latest professional photos and Instagram shots taken with an iPhone on Twitter. (47,091 followers)

8. 500PX – @500px


500PX is a premier community for photographers. All the photos placed on the website pass a rigorous selection, so you can be sure that there are the best high-quality shots only. The best photos and blog updates can be found in their Twitter newsfeed. (134,698 followers)

9. Trey Ratcliff – @TreyRatcliff


Trey Ratcliff is a photographer, artist, writer, and adventurer. He’s known for his HDR photography. On his website you can found a lot of tutorials, videos, ebooks, and courses to learn HDR like a Pro. (49,902 followers)

10. Nicole S. Young – @nicolesy


Nicole S. Young is a photographer who lives in Bay Area of California. She is a full-time photographer and writer. Nicole likes to learn, teach, and share different stuff. Follow her Twitter for more interesting facts. (20,798 followers)

11. Rosh Sillars – @RoshSillars


Rosh Sillars is a veteran photographer with a photojournalism background specializing in people, food and interiors. He is an author of 4 books and a great speaker. (14,493 followers)

12. Rick Sammon – @ricksammon


Rick Sammon is not only a photographer and writer, he is also an iPhone application creator. With more than 800,000 followers on Google Plus, Rick is on the top photographers to follow there. (45,195 followers)

13. John Paul Caponigro – @jpcaponigro


Fine art photographer John Paul Caponigro. His photography and articles is a great source of inspiration. (11,616 followers)

14. Jack Hollingsworth – @photojack


Jack Hollingsworth is a lifestyle and iPhone photographer. He was found one of the most influential photographers on Twitter. Follow Jack and you’ll understand why. (46,241 followers)

15. Beate Chelette – @egorhythm


Beate Chelette is a photographer and an author of the book “Happy Woman Happy World”. Her photography career led to where she’s today. (3,277 followers)

16. Joe Mcnally – @JoeMcNallyPhoto


With thirty five years of experience as a shooter, Joe Mcnally is definitely the one worth to follow on Twitter. He works at LIFE. (152,102 followers)

17. Scott Wyden Kivowitz – @scottwyden


Scott Wyden Kivowitz has over 10 years of experience photographing portraits, landscapes and businesses for commercial and personal purposes. (5,699 followers)

18. Peter Lik – @PeterLik


Peter Lik stands at the peak of landscape photography. World-renowned, highly awarded, and boasting a huge international following. (10,919 followers)

19. Jeremy Cowart – @jeremycowart


Jeremy has taken portraits of many familiar names such as Taylor Swift, Tim Tebow, The Kardashians, Sting, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Heidi Klum, Gwyneth Paltrow and many many more. (93,013 followers)

20. Jasmine Star – @jasminestar


Jasmine Star is highly passionate about photography. She shoot weddings and engagements and shares inspiring stuff on her own blog. Jasmine shares a lot of links you’d like to click. (66,277 followers)

The Photo Argus – @thephotoargus


Don’t forget to follow your favourite @ThePhotoArgus! The latest updates from the blog and other useful interesting stuff from all over the world of photography. (19,076 followers)

I hope you like the list of Twitter accounts I shared above and I could make your Twitter experience a little more pleasant and enjoyable.

Nancy Young

Nancy Young is a passionate writer and blogger. She writes tons of inspirational articles on photography, despite the fact that she is an economist by education. She is a part of the PhotoDoto Team. Get a new eBook about landscape photography for free – one useful gift just for visiting!

Fine Art Nature Photography by Alex Greenshpun

Today we are proud to introduce you to Alex Greenshpun. Alex’s fine art nature photography has a uniquely magical quality to it. Her photography not only depicts the subject as how she saw it but also as how she connected with it. Below Alex describes her photography and point of view.

Photography entered my life about two years ago in quite an unexpected manner. I was taking long walks in nature with my dog, and being inspired by the beauty around me, started taking some shots with a smartphone. After a while, friends had convinced me to try taking photos with a DSLR. Although I’ve always felt a strong connection to the world of art in general and the visual arts in particular, and have long admired various works of photography masters, it had never occurred to me to try it myself. I even had an account on 500px.com for a couple of years before ever thinking of photographing on my own, just to see the works of all the talented artists.

Photography became a kind of meditation; it allows me to experience a sense of wonder and interconnectedness with everything. I feel that nature speaks in a silent language that most of us have sadly forgotten, and so I try to interpret this language into a kind of visual poetry; to remind people of the immense beauty that may even at this very moment lay in front of their own eyes.


I started shooting with a Canon 1000D and a kit lens, and some of my best works were taken with that equipment. Thus, I was quick to learn that better gear doesn’t necessarily make a better photographer. To this day I don’t own a tripod and have very little equipment. A couple of old 50mm lenses from the 60s, a Canon 100mm macro lens and the Canon 60D are my main companions.

Documenting nature in a way that a naturalist would is not what I seek to do, although I find it wonderful when others take photos like this. My intention is to reveal a hidden magic, something that I can see and feel in the subjects of my photos and wish to present that magic to everyone else. When I take a photo, a strong connection must first be established between me and the subject, this is something beyond thought, at the moment of this connection there can be no conceptualization – it simply is. This short moment of wonder and awe is the essential condition for taking a photo. Later, when I post-process an image, it will be in accordance with the vision I had at that moment.


Inspiration comes in various forms, and for me it’s always a matter of being quiet enough to hear its voice. When the moment comes to take the photo, it all comes down to a complete silence within – this silence is the very source of my expression. I wish for my images to connect the viewer, even for a short second, with their inner silence – the language of nature and beauty.

A poet uses words and metaphors to describe something that is beyond words, and this is how I try to use photography. Robert Frank once said: “When people look at my pictures I want them to feel the way they do when they want to read a line of a poem twice.” I can strongly relate to these words. Perhaps some people view photographs as just “shots”, but to me, each photo is a poem and each image has a soul.




















More of my works can be seen here: http://www.facebook.com/AlexGreenshpunPhotography http://www.alexgreenshpun.com

The Beautiful Photography of Olga Tremblay

Today we would like to introduce you to the beautiful photography of Olga Tremblay. Olga invited us to check out her portfolio of work a few weeks back and we fell in love with it. Olga talks about herself and her work below.

I always loved visual arts, especially photography, but the process to take a picture up to the final result didn’t interest me much because in my mind it was more associated to technical skills rather than creative skills. It was by accident I came to photography.

I was in a very difficult period of my life causing me stress, insomnia and health problems. Following a good friend’s suggestion, I tried meditation to focus on present time and to connect with my environment. The idea of meditation was great, but it was very abstract for me and I wasn’t able to understand how. Then I began to take long walks to explore my neighborhood. One day, I carried a camera I had bought a few months before. It was more to justify my recent buy than anything else, but then I realized it had similar effects as meditation and much more… I discovered a passion!

At first, my camera helped me to concentrate on the moment and it was a way to transform tension in a state of concentration and attention. During outings with the camera, I was noticing details I had never seen before: light, shadows, textures, colors, shapes and people’s expressions around me. This concentration was leading me to a quiet and peaceful state of mind.

After exploring many technical aspects of photography in specialized books, I quickly discovered the importance to get inspiration from other photographers and to share and show my work. Sharing my pictures was important for the feedback and encouragement people gave me. Photography became an important part of my life. I love the unpredictability of the situations I capture and the state of mind it gives me. It makes me feel fully alive and awake.


















You can see more of Olga’s beautiful photography on Flickr here http://www.flickr.com/photos/pix-olga/

Beautiful Photography of the Magical Li River by Yan Zhang

Today we would like to introduce you to a fantastic photographer, Yan Zhang. Yan is a Computer Scientist and a full-time university professor with specialization on Artificial Intelligence in Sydney, Australia. Yan started Digital Photography in 2007 and now devotes his passion to landscape photography. His photography focuses on grand landscapes of oceans, sky and mountains, as well as fine natural substances.

Today we will showcase his collection of Li River photos. Yan first visited the Li River in 2006. Since that time he has been back 5 times exploring and capturing the beauty of the river.

Below is a sample of the breathtaking images Yan captured on the Li River. If you would like to see more please visit his portfolio site: http://yanzhangphotography.com.

Li River

Li River

Li River

Li River

Li River

Li River

Li River

Li River